Open House Saturday March 30, 2-4 at 230 Kingsbridge Rd S.E, Airdrie. Come and check out this affordable half duplex in showhome condition with oversized garage in Kings Heights Airdrie.
MLS #C4229381, $338,500
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Double acreage open house Sunday March 31, 2-4pm. 
263219 Butte Hills Way, Rocky View County - MLS # C4195655 - Visit for full listing
263252 RR293, Rocky View County - MLS #C4219633 - Visit for full listing 


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Check out this listing at 38 Cooperstown Court SW, Airdrie!
✅Oversized 4 car heated garage
✅Massive yard-one of the largest in Airdrie
✅Stunning exterior architecture
✅Bedrooms-all luxurious
✅4 full baths (3 ensuites) & 2 1/2 baths 
✅Park space in front
✅Close commute to Calgary Airport

➡️Click here for full listing:
➡️Call/text Yasin Peshke for more info 403-681-0319
➡️MLS #C4218272, $1,349,000

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 According to Forbes Magazine, only 8% of New Year’s resolutions last. If you want to be part of those who succeed, we have a few tips to help you do just that, and it is surprisingly simpler than you think. In fact, we’re giving you five simple steps to take to make your resolutions a reality this year.

Writing your goals down is the first step in achieving goals. Consider the difference grocery shopping with or without a list makes. Shopping with a list can allow you to plan and prepare, such as searching circulars for in-store deals, clipping coupons, and meal planning without having to run to the store again. Shopping without a list means relying on your memory – both what you want to get and what you already have. The list simplifies things…

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Imagine going to a restaurant with your family for dinner. You're

planning on ordering a nice pasta and salad. Your heart is set on it.

But, after you go to the trouble of driving there and getting a table,

you discover that pasta is not on the menu.

That’s disappointing!

Of course, it’s only a meal. You can go somewhere else next time.

But, what if the same scenario played out once you had moved into a

new neighbourhood? Imagine you were counting on public transit

being in easy walking distance, but discovered the nearest stop is

four blocks away. Argh!

That's why it's important to ensure a neighbourhood has the

characteristics you want — before you make an offer on a home you like.

Think about what you want most in a…

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Ideally you should have a week or two available before you list your

property in order to stage your home and make it look its best for buyers.

But, what if you listed quickly and within hours of the For Sale sign going up

a buyer wants to view your property?

In that scenario, you need to do some quick "staging" to get your home

ready. Let's assume your property is already clean and tidy. Here are some

other things you can do.

· Open the curtains, even at night. This will make each room seem

brighter, more appealing and more spacious.

· Pull out some boxes or storage bins. Put away personal knick-knacks

(like that bowling trophy) and other personal items to reduce clutter on

shelves and countertops.

· Clear…

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Moving around the corner or even across town is relatively simple because you are likely familiar with the various neighbourhoods and you can access them anytime. If there's a listed home you want to view, you can simply go see it. 

Relocating to a different town or city, however, is much more challenging. It may not be possible for you to make multiple visits to see homes for sale. You may also be unfamiliar with the various neighbourhoods. 

So what do you do if you want to move out-of-town or need to relocate due to work? 

Your first step is to get the information you need. You'll want up-to-date data on the neighbourhoods so you can pinpoint the ones that are the best fit for your needs and lifestyle. You'll also want to get a sense of the…

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