Why Sell Your Home With The Peshke Real Estate Team

Over the years, we continue to deliver the most advanced marketing systems to expose our Seller's home to the world.
You see.. not all Real Estate professionals are created equal. If you pick an average Realtor, you stand to get average results.


Our Sellers get is done FASTER.

In 2019, our Seller's enjoyed faster than average results. The local average for a home that sold in 2019 was 51 days. The Peshke Real Estate Teams average was 6x's faster then the local average!

Why you should care?

It is scientifically proven that the longer a home sits on the market, the less the home will ultimately sell for. Less time on the market means reduced strangers in your home, less preparation for showings, and more money in your pocket.

We Sell A LOT of Real Estate. Seriously.

  Experience in Real Estate is based on the volume of homes a professional has sold, not the amount of years in the business. Since being in the business the Peshke Team has out preformed the local market average consistently. In 2019, the local average Real Estate Professional sold 6 homes, the Peshke Team sold 8x's this amount.

Why you should care?

Each time we list and sell a new home, we have the opportunity to improve or experiment new marketing techniques, exercise and practice negotiation tactics, and learn what increases value in a home through new and ever changing home staging tips.

Your Money Where it Belongs. In Your Pocket!

  To produce extraordinary results for our Seller's, we must have an extraordinary plan. We take pride in having one of the best targeted marketing approaches in the industry and combine that with our proven negotiation tactics to leave you with the best results for your situation.

Why you should care?

Like stated above, not all Real Estate professionals are created equal. We have delivered consistent, above average returns for our sellers every single year.

Strategic Marketing

Here is a sneak peak of some of our marketing techniques!

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